Hubei hairui fishery products sell well all over the country, the domestic market share has repeatedly set a new high, lake is also known as "world-class products, unstoppable taste". The products are sold to 29 provincial-level administrative regions, such as Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, with a market share of up to 50%. Lake sold across the country, the real "lake shrimp, the world".

In the domestic market, we mainly sell frozen boiled shrimp, shrimp tail, crawfish, plain plain shrimp, whole shrimp with European fennel flavor, frozen freshwater fish surimi, pickled lotus root strip with sour and hot flavor, frozen fish steak, frozen fish fillet, frozen brisket, swim bladder and fish tail.
 Fresh house hotpot                                                                         Boiling hot pot
Bud hot pot                                                                         Spicy dongpo hot pot
Gales cooking pot                                                                                                 Pure shadow hot pot

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