Hubei hairui fishery co., ltd. is committed to the cultivation of new crayfish strains and varieties. Hubei provincial fine crayfish breeding and breeding center has been prepared for 3 years, and academician expert workstation and hubei provincial crayfish industry technology research institute have been set up, aiming to cultivate new crayfish strains with fast growth rate of 15%, individual size of 30% and strong disease resistance in 5 years. Small lobster breeding in hubei province has built more than 10000 ㎡ modern breeding breeding center workshop, more than 3000 ㎡ imitation ecological breeding cement pool, germplasm repository of 150 mu, 3000 mu of crayfish breeding experimental base and 40000 mu ecological breeding base.

        According to the preliminary basic research on crayfish, we will adopt the method of combination of population breeding and family breeding, combined with the integrated breeding technology of shrimp molecular marker assisted breeding and quantitative genetic breeding to carry out the breeding of improved crayfish species and large-scale seedling breeding.

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